Deep Tissue Massage/RMT in Vancouver – Beverly’s the Spa on 4th

At Beverly’s the spaon4th, we have two Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), one Body Worker and estheticians that do massage! We’re thrilled to be a spa with RMT Vancouver.

Many people don’t think of going to a spa when they are looking for a Registered Massage Therapist but you might be wise to consider it. There are several perks that we think are excellent value-adds.

Perks of Having RMT Massage at a Spa

Firstly, of course, there’s the spa environment which is designed from the ground up to be relaxing, beautiful and pleasant. Many of our clients consider just this a huge plus as sometimes massage therapist offices aren’t capturing the whole experience in this way.

Also, upon arrival at the spa we welcome you to enjoy a complimentary beverage of your choice in the Lounge area. The beverage choices include wine(!), tea, coffee and usually both cucumber water or lemon water. Arriving a bit early to relax with a little glass of wine is something many clients relish, and rightly so. We want you to totally enjoy your experience at the spa beginning, middle and end.

You may already be aware of our Eucalyptus Steam Room as we have a blurb about it on the RMT Vancouver page. Again, we highly recommend arriving a bit early so you can take full advantage of the Eucalyptus Steam Room. It is no trouble for you in terms of worrying about what to bring, we provide slippers, towels and bath robes. There are also showers and hair dryers as well as clean combs and brushes for your use.

Bodywork at the Spa

Our Bodyworker Hiroka is trained in deep tissue massage and her rates are the same as esthetician-provided massages. These massages are less expensive than the Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) massages. (RMT massages can often be covered at least partially by many health plans.)

Esthetician Massage at the Spa

You may now be wondering what kind of massage the estheticians provide. Good question! The esthticians can provide Swedish Massage, Relaxing Massage and Medium Pressure Massage. I have indeed heard from clients that the esthetician massage can work very well for aches, pains and sore muscles as well as being a wonderfully relaxing spa experience.

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Massage restores your energy, boosts your immune system and calms your mind

Couples Massage

Another thing that you may be surprised to hear is that couples massages at the spa are very popular! Well, it does make sense. All those perks described above are made even more enjoyable with good company.

We offer full Couples Massage Treatments, if you’re looking for more than the everyday massage. You can even customize your treatment packages to suit yourselves, including some Men’s Treatments. Read More…

If this is all sounding great to you (we hope it is!), and you’re ready for a little treat, then please reach out to us. We are happy to discuss all of the perks mentioned above as well as the various treatments and available customizations.

Beverly’s The Spa on 4th
2185 West 4th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.  V6K 1N7
Phone: 604-732-4402  or BOOK ONLINE  **NOTE: Online booking is not available when booking Couples Massage. Please call or email us for Couples Massage. Thank you.






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