Body Scrubs & Vichy Showers

Before your Treatment: Eucalyptus Steam

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let your mind drift off as overhead jets of warm water cascade over your entire body in our Vichy shower

Start off your body scrub with some time in our private eucalyptus steam room, complimentary with body and face treatments.

The Seaside Scrub

We have two of these special steamy, candlelit Vichy Shower rooms to let your mind drift off as you relax in comfort as overhead jets of warm water cascade over your entire body. Your skin will be smoothed to perfection and includes a relaxing underwater massage and foamy cleansing wash.

>> 45 min. $95
>> 60 min. $135 includes scrub and aromatherapy scalp massage

France S’il Vous Plait VICHY SHOWER

Very French and very relaxing – you will need your passport to remember your name after this tranquilizing experience. A soothing body polish under the warm Vichy shower waters awaits you before you are tucked under heated blankets and into the magic of a warm seaweed mud designed to detoxify, replenish, and revitalise you from head to toe. Doze off with a 20 minute facial and scalp massage before a warm shower and application of body lotion.

>> 75 min. $160 seaweed and Vichy polish
>> 45 min. $85 seaweed wrap alone

The St. Tropez Bronze

>> 60 min. $170 (Incl. Vichy Shower)
>> 30 min. $75 (Incl. product application)

Add- On Massage:

>> 45 min. $85
>> 60 min. $95