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Vita Liberata Spray Tanning


Beverly’s Spa Offers Two Brands of Sunless Tanning

At Beverly’s we offer two brands of sunless tanning:  the Guinot self tanning bronzing system, and the Vita Liberata spray tanning and sunless tanning products.

A tan achieved from UV rays outdoors is short lived and often includes detrimental effects,  like sunburn or premature aging or skin cancer.

Self-tanning, alternatively, is safe, and can give you a sun kissed look all year round!

Vita Liberata Spray Tanning and Sunless Tanning Products

What Makes Vita Liberata so Good?

The Vita Liberata team are passionate experts in luxury tanning.  Ireland-based, they created the world’s first odourless tan in 2007 and their unique Odour Remove  technology is now present in all of the self and spray tans. In 2011, they became the first completely non-toxic tanning brand. This led to Vita Liberata being listed in the world’s top spas including George V Paris, St Regis, Viceroy, Ritz-Carlton and Burj Al Arab to name but a few.

Their most recent product innovation pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan is the world’s longest lasting tan, giving you a tan that lasts up to 4 times longer than regular tans. Available in an extra fast drying mousse formula and an ultra hydrating lotion formula, pHenomenal has taken the beauty world by storm and has scores of celebrity fans across the globe including Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Vergara, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding.

Vita Liberata is recognized as the world’s leading non-toxic, organic tanning company. Their ingredients are the purest in the tanning world. Using only natural, certified organic and Ecocert ingredients, Vita Liberata are able to create a tanning experience that conditions and nourishes the skin, with Moisture Locking to hydrate skin for 72 hours, ensuring a tan fades perfectly. Just like a natural suntan. Find out more about the Vita Liberata company.

Vita Liberata offers the widest range of at-home and professional tanning solutions to suit every skin type and tone, guaranteeing the ultimate tanning experience every time.



>> 15 min. Head to Toe $65
>> 15 min. Legs $45
>> 15 min. Upper body + Arms $45

Guinot Self-Tanning Treatment

If Brigitte Bardot only knew! Your tanning treatment experience starts with a skin smoothing body polish under the warm Vichy Shower waters, followed by an expert body bronzing massage application using the Guinot self-tanning products and specific techniques tailored to your needs.


>> 60 min. $170 – below, as well as body polish/Vichy shower experience

>> 30 min. $75 Guinot product application (massage) only

Sunless tanning is safe, effective, & beautiful

Sunless tanning is safe, effective, & beautiful

Self-Tan and Spray Tan Before & After Care Tips:

  • Ensure your entire body is exfoliated either at the spa or at home, paying special attention to the dry areas on your body, such as the hands, elbows, knees and feet
  • After treatments, wear dark, loose fitting clothing (avoid wool and light coloured man-made fibres)
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the applied tan after the treatment
  • Do NOT shower for a minimum of 4 hours after the treatment
  • Do NOT engage in activities that may cause you to perspire until after showered
  • You can leave the product on without showering overnight. Any colour transferred onto bed linen will wash out from cotton, but not so easily from man-made synthetic fibres

Maintaining Your Tan:

  • Your tan will gradually fade between 4-7 days (or after 3 weeks if using Vita Liberata) and can be maintained by exfoliation and use of the gradual tanning products.