Vancouver Facials & Skin Care Treatments for Women, Men & Teens

We make skin care easy! From a time saving Target Treatment to the most advanced anti-aging facials our skin therapists will create the best facial in Vancouver. Professional skin care brands include dermalogica, Guinot, Eminence and Jane Iredale.

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Face mapping allows Spaon4th skin therapists to design the perfect treatment for your face’s unique needs

To ensure the best results are achieved with your facial your skin will be thoroughly analyzed and then a customised treatment performed. Your skin therapist will make home care recommendations to continue to achieve results at home.

We have a range of facials to fit your schedule from a 25-minute target treatment to a 90-minute Hydradermie Deluxe. Depending what your skin needs are your facial may include high frequency, galvanic cellular penetration, steam and extractions combined with award winning professional cleansers, toners, serums, masques and exfoliation.

All Facials Include:

  • deep pore cleansing
  • professional level exfoliation – no upgrades needed
  • masques
  • serums
  • massage
  • UV protection
  • jane iredale mineral Make up Touch up (request when booking)

Facials Vancouver: Prepay and Save!

Any face (or body) treatment that you prepay for, you will receive:
10% off – any 3 treatments
12% off – any 5 treatments

Special Facial Booking Days

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are special Facial Days at Beverly’s! You get a complimentary 15 minute anti-stress massage or an eye rescue treatment – a $35 value.

Eminence Organics Facial

A results-oriented and customized facial using Eminence Organic Skin Care products, made from only the freshest organically grown fruit, vegetables and herbal ingredients. An experience to remember!

>> 60 min. $115  Read more about this facial>>

dermalogica-facials-vancouver-logodermalogica Facials

Skin Smart

Let your skin be free from sensitivity, dryness, redness and breakouts! Renewing vitamins, plant extracts, marine minerals, and aromatherapy will hydrate, purify, and replenish your skin. This facial has time allowed for your therapist to include a masque using advanced formulations, as well as the beneficial results from galvanic and high frequency equipment.

>> 75 min. $135 (time for face massage, extractions and equipment)

Time Smart

A customised time sensitive treatment designed to quickly relieve your skin from dryness, sensitivity, redness and breakouts. Your therapist will customise the treatment, masques and equipment used, prioritising what is most important to cover your needs.

>> 60 min. $110 (time for face massage or extraction)

Target Time

This is a 25 minute quick fix for dull skin, a bothersome break out, or keeping up with blackheads. No need to change – just sit back in our Clinic Room treatment chair, and our Skin Therapists will effectively address and deliver innovative customised “skin fix” solutions as often as you need, using professional products and equipment.

  • Vitamin Exfoliation – great before a big event
  • Hydration Boost – dewy fresh skin in minutes
  • Blemish Clearing – clear and heal fast!
  • Redness Relief – soothe, calm and supple

>> 25 min. $50 (single treatment)
>> 50 min. $95 (two treatments during one visit)

Pro Power Peel

As we age cell turnover slows dramatically affecting the appearance of the skin with fine lines and wrinkles to acne and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels are one of the best ways to address these changes. Since every client’s skin is different dermalogica’s pro power peel can be tailored to your specific concerns.

Please note that this powerful treatment may not be suited for all. For contra indications and post treatment care please go to dermalogica Pro Power Peel page. Also, although the peel does include a robe etc. we do not describe this as a fully relaxing facial, it could be a bit irritating.

>> 60 min. $140

IonActive Power Facial

The IonActive facial treatment is a powerful 45 minute skin treatment designed to quickly achieve results on specific, targeted skin concerns using a highly personalized treatment.

Specific skin concerns that can be addressed with the IonActive System include acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, clogged pores and aging.

The skin therapist will tailor your treatment just for you, dependent on a Face Mapping skin analysis and consultation. There will be many tailor-made products available for the skin therapist to choose from that have each been designed to treat specific skin concerns. For example, Niacinamide IonActive treats and prevents acne, Oligopeptide IonActive is for treating hyperpigmentation and creating an even skin tone. Retinol 1% IonActive is for firming the skin and anti-aging.

Products in the IonActive System combine well with techniques such as massage as well as treatment room technology to give visible results in a very short amount of time.

>> 45 min. $125

guinot-facials-vancouver-logoGuinot Facials

Age Summum Facial


This 50-minute facial is designed to reduce signs of ageing and includes use of Age Summum cream, which helps smooth wrinkles and lines, makes skin firmer and more radiant, and lightens dark spots.  This facial boosts the skin’s resistance against the effects of aging and promotes cellular activity for more youthful-looking skin. Learn more here >>

>> 50 min. $135

Hydradermie Double Ionization

75-minute treatment with high-performing natural active ingredients.

This advanced treatment increases the penetration of high performing active ingredients such as vitamin E, F, C and amino acids. Boosts radiance by promoting the oxygenation of skin cells and continuous circulation. Your esthetician will help you choose what meets your needs. Whether your skin is dry, dehydrated, mature, oily, sensitive, dull complexion or dark pigmentation. This treatment will leave your skin hydrated, luminous, and radiant. Discover what everyone is talking about and fall in love again with your skin. Learn more here >>

>> 75 min. $145

*Not suitable if you have metal implants.

Hydradermie Lift

75 minutes of muscle stimulation to restore the skin’s volume.

A non-surgical face lift that stimulates the muscles and restores the volume. This treatment includes two key points: drainage to eliminate toxins, and muscle stimulation to lift the features of the face and neck to re-sculpt the muscles creating a lifting affect. After the first treatment, you will see the visible results of lifted facial features. Learn more here >>

>> 75 min. $145

*Not suitable if you have metal implants.

Hydradermie Deluxe

Treat your skin to 90 minutes of combined bliss: Hydradermie Double Ionization and Lift facials.

>> 90 min. $190

*Not suitable if you have metal implants.

Hydradermie Eye Lifting

30 minutes to eliminate puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and bags.

Hydradermie Eye Lift uses a mild muscle stimulation current and specific eye products for immediate improvement and long-lasting results. The eye area will appear significantly younger and smoother after a series of just three treatments.

>> 30 min. $55

*Not suitable if you have metal implants.

Brighten Up!

Infusing your skin with a cocktail of potent vitamin concentrates is the answer to revitalizing your skin before an event, change of season, or just looking tired. Luminous, uniform, and fresh looking skin are the results after a multi fruit acid peel, C Serum massage and Citrus Masque.

>> 45 min. $95 includes face massage
>> 60 min. $135 includes the face massage & extractions

Guinot Collagen Masque

Add it on to any treatment >> $35

Add-Ons: While we’re together

Eye Treatment: Add-on to any facial

Eliminates puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, shadows and bags.
>> 15 min. $30

Why not include your neck, hands or maybe a bit of relaxation massage?
>> Back Purifier – exfoliation, steam, extractions, masque 30 min. $55 (with any facial) | 45 min. $80 (as a single treatment)
>> Back Massage 15 min. $35 | 30 min. $55


Loved Amanda, she made the entire experience so special!
– Megan S, on receiving a facial

Exceptional facial treatment from someone that absolutely seems to love her work. Clear explanations, gentle, soothing massage. Thank you, Amanda!
– Sandra G

Perri gives an amazing, strong massage. Thank you!