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Wahid Gardizi

Your Body’s Nutrition Counseling and Training is led by: Wahid Gardizi

Who better than an internationally recognized holistic nutritionist and successful trainer of stars like Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman and Hugh Jackman to assist you in achieving your best possible body? Wahid Gardizi is committed to finding and coaching the athlete that lives within your skin.

Wahid has been practicing holistic nutrition and sports nutrition for over 10 years and will focus you on the most effective eating habits to achieve your dream results.

Wahid understands the effort to master self-discipline and determination. He holds a black belt in Kung Fu and has spent years in the discipline of mix martial arts training. He has earned the titles of Mr. Canada and World Fitness Model Pro Champion. Wahid has appeared in and written articles for several magazines: American Health and Fitness, Fame Fitness & Life Style, Double XL Magazine, Maximum Fitness, Flex Magazine and others.

You may have seen Wahid on TV in Vancouver as a fitness and nutrition consultant or heard him on BBC Radio as an expert discussing health and fitness.

He is the creator of Cellular Body, a body sculpting machine. As well, Wahid writes and lectures extensively on sports, exercise, diet and nutrition, including founding a series of wellness manuals AHF Manuals www.ahfmanuals.com and the G30 Challenge program.

Currently pursuing a career in Naturopathic Medicine, Wahid is excited to share his expertise and holistic approach with you.


Wahid Gardizi

T: (604) 764.9734