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Vancouver Massage Practitioner – Melanie at Spa on 4th!

Our wonderful Certified Massage Practitioner Melanie Requet, is European AND Canadian trained. Melanie was born in Geneva and has taken massage practitioner training in France, Switzerland and Canada.

Melanie’s specialty is called DEEP FLOW massage. (www.deepflow.ca) and is especially good for athletes and people carrying stress related tensions. It blends deep therapeutic bodywork with flowing, calming touch.

What a delight!

Melanie is an absolute natural when it comes to massage.It feels like it is simply in her nature to give caring, nurturing, healing, calming touch. Her hands seem to be ‘guided’. I always feel like my being can completely relax into her touch.I trust her hands completely.

–          Jelena Marda

From someone who knows his body and mind very well, has used both in high intensity cycling & alpine skiing, and has been treated by a good many hands over the years, thank you Melanie for taking me up a higher level with strong arms and soft touch. No exaggeration, what you do is *very* impressive.

–          Kevin Key

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