September 2016: Mani+Pedi $99

September is here, and, though we may protest this bit of rain, we’re sleeping a bit better compared to the hot nights of August.

Many see September as a start of new things – whether it’s a time to take a new course or lesson, connect with friends who’ve been away, or commit to some structured healthier eating and living.

If you’re thinking your skin could benefit from a bit of structured love, book in with the spa for a facial. (Facials are recommended at least 4x a year). Or, pop by the spa to speak with a skin specialist on recommended products and treatments for your skin as it is right now. (Good eating, hydration, stress relief, routine facials, microderms and great products do matter!)

opi vancouver, opi kerry blossom pollishSeptember Spa Special: Save on Mani+Pedi Combo – $99 for September

How are those nails? If you’ve been out beach walking, hiking, camping or gardening, your nails could be looking a bit rough.
Our special this month saves you $20 on the fantastic Beverly’s spaon4th Mani + Pedi (polish or parafin option).
For polish, get into the dark trend by choosing a new fall 2016 OPI Washington DC colour such as Kerry Blossom (shown), Madame President (dark dark pink), or Shh It’s a Secret! (the darkest of browns, nearly black!)
Book in ONLINE or call us today at 604 732 4402 to reserve your spot! (We’re open Saturday, Sunday this weekend but closed the holiday Monday September 4, 2016).
You may also want to check out the dermalogica product of the month: phyto replenish oil – it just came in at the spa on Friday September 2!

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