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EyEnvy Conditioner Vancouver – get in spa

2ml size (3 month supply); 5ml (6 month supply). EyEnvy Conditioner for eyelashes and eyebrows is one of our most popular products! Only available from spas. You can call to order yours (we can do curbside pickup) or pick up in spa. Call 604 732 4402. Here’s when we are open>>

EyEnvy is a lash conditioner serum that promises longer, fuller lashes within three months thanks to a combination of nourishing vitamins and peptides that targets the lash hair follicles.

EyEnvy Vancouver – How Great It Is

One reviewer in Australia writes:

“One of the first things I notice about people when I meet them is their lashes… if I meet someone with lovely, long eyelashes, I can’t help but ask them if they’re real. Most of the time, lash lifts, lash extensions or a really good mascara are behind them…

Last year, I met a woman called Linda on a cruise. Linda had the most amazing eyelashes I’d ever seen, which made me think they were obviously a really lovely, subtle set of lash extensions.

They weren’t. They were her real lashes without mascara. I just about fell off the side of the ship because, having recently given up lash extension, I looked like a plucked chicken with tiny stubs for lashes and desperately needed a solution.

That’s when Linda told me about EyEnvy Conditioner and my life changed in a very small but quite important way forever.

You apply it every morning before your skincare and makeup – I put my face serum on, avoiding the eye area, then apply EyEnvy, then wait for both to sink in before moisturizing. Think of it like putting on eyeliner – it’s clear so you can’t see it, but you want to apply the product at the roots of your lashes along the lash line.

The formula is quite runny, but the handy eyeliner-type brush that comes with the tube makes it easy to apply. A little goes a long way, too – don’t waste the precious serum going overboard, a single layer over your lash line once (or twice) a day is all you need.

You won’t see results instantly, but trust me, be patient and keep consistently applying the product. Because lashes generally take three weeks to regenerate, you won’t see any results until the next lash cycle. Depending on your individual lashes, you’ll see a difference in the length and fullness of your lashes in around three to six weeks.”

Share your comments about EyEnvy with us! We’re pleased to be a spa where you can buy EyEnvy Conditioner in Vancouver.

Though we can’t sell EyEnvy online, our online store carries dermalogica, jane iredale, Eminence Organics, Guinot, HempHeal and more.

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