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Dr. Egidius Stockenstrom

Your Body’s Overall Health and Beauty: Dr. Egidius Stockenstrom

Dr. Stockenstrom – Overall Health + Beauty

We are given our bodies at birth and as we mature the challenges of living as a physical being take their toll. Throughout life we need help to cure our ailments and how much better than to have a doctor also consider our wellness and beauty in a balanced approach to living at our maximum potential? This is the practice of Dr. Egidius Stockenstrom.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Stockenstrom has been assisting his patients both Dr. Stockenstromwith their general medicine needs and their desire to appear their best.

If you desire some corrective modifications or enhancements to your look, Dr. Stockenstrom can offer other modalities like injectables, including Botox and fillers.

As consulting physician to the local film industry, and with a special interest in Sports Medicine, Dr. Stockenstrom will bring a broad and balanced approach to your health and beauty, because he wants you to achieve your health and beauty potential.

Dr. Stockenstrom – Overall Health + Beauty

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