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Karen Weggler

Your Body’s Ongoing Vitality and Flexibility: Karen Weggler, The Movement Studio

“Where will we live if we don’t take care of our body? It’s all we have!” It’s a maxim that Karen Weggler, founder and director of The Movement Studio Pilates, lives by and was the genesis of The Studio.

For over ten years, Karen has been using highly effective Pilates practices to guide clients to reach their full movement potential. “My goal in starting the studio was to create a space where people can enjoying learning about their bodies in a safe and inspiring environment – one in which they can feel comfortable to explore movement possibilities in a curious way”.

This intimate boutique-style studio is West Coast inspired, warm and inviting. The Studio’s highly experienced instructors are passionate about Pilates. Sessions are taught in an exploratory, results-based, responsive manner using world renowned Balanced Body mat and apparatus equipment. Pilates is an expansive practice and when done regularly, clients will find they enjoy ease of movement and a longevity not seen in past generations.

Pilates at The Movement Studio can work for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Classes can be designed to address injury rehabilitation, special movement considerations, and athletic conditioning from dance to golf. Pre and post natal care and chronic back pain programs are also available

The Movement Studio would love to assist you your body enjoy a wonderful journey full of endless possibilities. To learn more: www.themovementstudio.ca