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Online Gift Certificates From Vancouver Stores (Spa!)

Hello. If you love the idea of a few clicks to have a gift certificate delivered directly to your giftee, you’re in luck.

The extra wonderful thing about our spa gift certificates is that you can choose from various spa experiences, or cash value too of course. Do you love the idea of treating someone to a full day of pampering? Or perhaps one luxurious spa treatment will do it. We have many beauty and relaxation treatments on offer as gift certificates.

There are gift certificates for men’s treatments or for couples treatments too!

Spa Gift Certificates Online

Our most popular gift certificates are the cash value ones, followed by the manicure, massage and pedicure.

If you are curious about our most extravagant spa gift certificate, it’s the $500 cash value gift certificate. This is followed by the spa experience The Monaco, which is $385 and includes a Vichy Shower with SeaSide Scrub, 45 min massage, then a 60 minute custom facial. That is not all, after your giftee has enjoyed all this pampering, they will then go on to a simultaneous manicure and pedicure and then an optional expert make-up touch up. Phew! I feel relaxed and glowing just thinking about it.

That may be more than you had in mind, and the gift certificates for cash values of $50-$150 followed by the $45 manicure are the most popular ones, in that order.

Gift certs are great in the current climate (no pun intended) of trying to consume less and be more environmentally friendly, not to mention to have homes that are less stuffed with stuff.

They can be great for colleague leaving gifts, teacher gifts and sports coach gifts to name just a few. I can think of a few coaches that may like a nice massage for sore muscles from sports or coaching the kids. Perhaps the more expensive gift certificates would make a great pooled gift for a bride to be or a leaving work gift from a group of co-workers. They are excellent for occasions such as mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas and birthdays too of course.

More ideas for online gift certificates from Vancouver stores

One word: ebates.ca! Or is that two words? Anyways, buy your gift certificates there and receive 3% back! We are not an affiliate with ebates, but do love the offer. According to their faq’s, gift cards are usually mailed within a week and E-gift cards are usually emailed within 2 days. For security, shipping to the credit card address only. Over 70 vendors including Shoppers, Indigo, Canadian Tire and more.

A few others that may be a bit outside the box if you’re looking for some fresh ideas are: Opus for art supplies, the Vancouver Aquarium which is another great experience type gift and super for families, even BC Ferries offers gift certificates online! How’s that for a not-so-subtle ‘come visit me’ gift, heh heh.

View our Vancouver Spa Gift Certificates now! Beverly’s the Spa on 4th avenue in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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