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August at the Spa on 4th in Kitsilano

We’re in the middle of summer now, fantastic! Beverly’s is here to get you buffed, shined and polished for all of your summer events. Be it the beach, an al fresco dinner, parties, holidays or promenading in open toe sandals – we’ll get every part of you looking great.

August 1st, which is also National Girlfriends/Sisters day! Book a spa treatment with your bestie.

We have a pedi deal this month, save $10 when booked with any facial 60 minutes or more.

A new look for jane iredale primers!

Learn the ins and outs of sunscreens. Chemical versus physical.

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Product of the Month: jane iredale Primers have a new look!

Same great primers, new fresh look!

Plus, the new Smooth Affair Illuminating Glow Face Primer.

These skin-quenching primers prepare the skin so makeup goes on easier and lasts longer. It also helps maintain skin’s youthful appearance and minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines while bringing out your natural radiance.


Smooth Affair® Illuminating Glow Face Primer

Locks in moisture and illuminates for a radiant pearl finish.

Smooth Affair® Brightening Face Primer

Brightens dull skin and firms for a more youthful appearance.

Smooth Affair® Oily Skin Face Primer

Minimizes shine and creates a smooth, matte finish for an even skin tone.

$60 50ml

Let’s talk about sunscreen.

UVA rays are the #1 cause of aging.

They break down collagen, contribute to a lack of elasticity and tone and cause thicker looking skin.

Protecting your skin from the sun is your best defence.

The difference between physical and chemical sunscreen.
There are two main types of sunscreen: physical and chemical. Both have their own unique properties and bene?ts, and both help protect skin from UV rays.

  • Physical sunscreen uses minerals that sit on top of skin and re?ect away UV rays.
  • Chemical sunscreen uses ingredients that absorb and transform UV rays into heat.

The benefits of physical sunscreen:

Physical sunscreen, also called mineral sunscreen, sits on top of skin. Most physical sunscreens leave a white or tinted residue on skin, but newer formulas have been made ultra-sheer to help prevent a chalky effect. To identify this type of sunscreen, look for the words “mineral,” or “physical,” as well as active ingredients like Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide.

Physical sunscreen:

  • Helps protect against UVA and UVB rays
  • Protects as soon as it’s applied – there’s no need to wait before exposing skin to daylight
  • Is generally comfortable for all skin types and conditions, particularly sensitive skin

The benefits of chemical sunscreen:

Chemical sunscreens use ingredients that absorb into skin and transform UV rays into heat. This type of sunscreen tends to be popular because it feels light and looks unnoticeable.

Chemical sunscreen:

  • Helps protect against UVA and UVB rays
  • Needs time to absorb – 15 to 30 minutes – before exposing skin to daylight
  • Is generally comfortable for most skin types and conditions
  • Tends to be more water- and sweat-resistant

Ask one of our knowledgeable staff about the sunscreens we offer from your favourite product line!

Daily Microfoliant – available in refills!

Instantly brighten and smooth dull skin. Gentle enough for daily use and for every skin type.

Use Daily microfoliant to achieve brighter, smoother skin every day with this iconic exfoliating powder. This rice-based powder activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes to polish skin to perfection.

$83 75g
$74 75g refill size

Watch the YouTube video.

Two experienced therapists have recently joined our team here at Beverly’s The Spa on 4th.

Esthetician Anastasia Shade and Massage Therapist Deidra Skappak.

Call us to book an appointment!

We carry Moroccanoil hair products, styling products & hair masks!

Moroccanoil conditions and leaves the hair soft, smooth and full of shine.

Moroccanoil Hair is a line of innovative products with authentic ingredients that quickly replenish hair’s moisture, leaving it shiny, smooth and manageable.

Moroccanoil Hair products are free of parabens, mineral oil and alcohol.

With proprietary, antioxidant-rich, Argan oil infused formulas, your hair will be beautiful, shiny and nourished.

We Do Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

  • Half Set $95 (fill $50)
  • Full set: $120 (fill $60)
  • Royal set: $145 (fill $70)

August Promotion, choose any facial of 60 minutes or more and get $10 off a pedicure.

Our pedicure room is on the upper level of the spa, has a mountain view and our includes heated manicure thrones with built-in massage. The chair even does Shiatsu!

Many facials to choose from. Organic, lifting, brightening, peel and more.

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