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NUDA Spray Tans in Vancouver – Best Spray Tan for this May/June

May and June are often times for special events – graduation ceremonies, proms, retirement parties and more!

We really love the NUDA professional products for spray tans.

NUDA is a Canadian-based company offering luxurious, vegan-friendly sunless tanning and skincare products designed for babes who want to maintain a healthy, flawless and bronzed skin all year long. We use their professional-level products for spray tans. Read more on NUDA’s site>>

Find out more about sunless tanning in Vancouver at the spa on 4th>>

Our NUDA spray tans in Vancouver are $75.

Book online today! Or call 604 732 4402.

NUDA Spray Tans Vancouver – which ingredient tans the skin?

DHA! DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in all sunless tanning products. It is a sugar molecule which is naturally derived from the beets or the sugar cane and the fermentation of glycerin. This ingredient reacts to the amino acids on the surface of the skin to simulate a tan. The intensity of the final tan will depend on the strength of DHA contained within the product.

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