The Best Pedicure in Vancouver is at Beverly’s Spaon4th – Here’s Why

We believe we offer one of the best pedicure experiences in Vancouver. While Beverly’s the Spaon4th doesn’t offer the lowest price pedicure in Vancouver, we feel we put a lot into the pedicure experience to make it worth it. Here’s some of the reasons clients tell us they love our pedicures in Kitsilano:

Comfort and Perks

The comfort and perks of our spa make it an ultra-relaxing and enjoyable experience. The spa environment is designed from the ground up to be relaxing, beautiful and pleasant. Many of our clients consider this a huge plus. Sometimes, pedicure salons are “get you in and get you out” – we don’t work this way. Upon arrival at the spa, we welcome you to enjoy a complimentary beverage of your choice in the Lounge area. The beverage choices include wine, tea, coffee and usually both cucumber water or lemon water. Arriving a bit early to relax with a little glass of wine is something many clients relish, and rightly so. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your spa experience beginning, middle and end.

Best Pedicure in Vancouver

Once in the pedicure room, sink in to a heated recliner and settle your toes into a lovely, warm whirlpool foot bath. Yes, many pedicure shops will have these  amenities, but our pedicures take place in a spacious, well-decorated private room with seating for up to 6 people – and the room has mountain views! Some guests like to come in pairs or groups to enjoy a pedicure together. For the ultimate in luxury, consider getting a manicure as well!

You can rest assured about our hygiene practices: we follow hospital-grade sanitation protocols. Our estheticians are fully trained professionals, aiming to give you the highest quality pedicure possible as well as friendly, professional service.

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More Perks

Our spa has (of course!) separate changing and showering rooms for men and for women. The space is generous and set up just for you. The change rooms contains fresh cozy robes, towels and flip flops for your use, as well as lockers with a lock and key. Shower facilities are available. There are several supplies provided to make it easy for you to carry on to your next commitment without having to lug a lot of your own essentials. You will find clean combs and brushes as well as basic grooming essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. Hair dryers available too. Many of these items are more geared to the face and body treatments, but you will have everything necessary to walk-in, enjoy your pedicure and carry on with your day without worrying about logistics.

Steam Room – With Face or Body Treatment

If you’re combining a pedicure with a facial or body treatment (or having face or body treatment on its own), you’ll be able to take advantage of our co-ed Eucalyptus steam room. We highly recommend arriving a bit early so you can take full advantage of the steam room. Time in the steam room is complimentary with all body and face treatments.

Oh Yes and Registered Massage Therapists Too

Did you know that we also have Registered Massage Therapists? It’s easy and convenient to build a spa package that includes pedicure and massage.

Keep an eye on our regular specials, published monthly. We frequently offer great deals on manicures and pedicures.

Hope to see you soon!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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